Mia's El Salvador Trip Recap Video

Mia met her grandmother for the 1st time!

July 9, 2019

What's up everyone! I finally got a chance to edit my video from my trip to El Salvador. 

This was such a great experience for me. Let me take you back a little bit. 

My parents left El Salvador in the early 80's due to the Civil War. 

I was 8 months old at the time. I never visited after until now. 

You're probably wondering why it took soo long right? 

I don't have an answer...lol...When my father decided to move back 3 years ago I promised I'd visit him and go and meet his family and my grandmother.  

An the fact that I had met my grandmother kinda bothered me. Like..how crazy is that. I have a whole set of family members that don't know me and 

NOW IS THE TIME. Plus my father is there to guide me.


Now that im back I'm sooo glad I took this trip. It was such a humbling expirience. I'm grateful to my parents for taking such a big risk and moving to the states. 

I can't complain about anything. El Salvador is such a beautiful country and the people are so humble. I visited Quezaltepeque, Apopa, San Salvador, La Higuera en Sonsonate, Playa Zunganera. 

I love how it was hot and tripical soo humid. I was sweating like crazy lol..I soaked in every minute. I met my grandmother for the 1st time, My dads brothers and sisters..aka: my aunt and uncles. cousins. 

They were all so welcoming. It was amazing! Video of my lil trip is below for you to check out in pictures. Hope you enjoy and THANKS in ADVANCE for watching. 

Que Viva El Salvador y LOS LATINOS!!