MiA's "DiRTY@30" 10/24

October 24, 2018

Happy Wednesday! 

Today is the one and only Drake's Birthday! Shout out to all the Scorpions one time. 

Mia is covering everything from Drakes Bday to Post Malone being POSTMATES #1 Customer..yeah. 

A bomb was found near the home of the Clintons and a suspecious package was also sent to the Obamas. 

Ohhh and there's a Super Nintendo Theme Park is in the works in Hollywood! 

plus somebody in South Carolina became a BILLIONAIRE

Get all the tea with Mia Amor inside the #Dirty@30 on 102.5 KSFM 




If your life goal is to someday meet Post Malone, become a Postmate. It’ll probably happen

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