DiDDY is spreading LOVE

January 22, 2020

According to The Blast  Diddy has legally changed his name once again.  From Puff Daddy to P. Diddy to just Diddy

and now you can now refer to him as "Sean Love Combs"  ever since Diddy's babies mother Kim Porter passes he's been in a space of love and healing. 

Peace to all ❤️ HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY! ------ LOVE.

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If you got a good woman please let her know. Tell her as soon as you can. Make sure she knows. Make sure she feels it. HONOR HER. CHERISH HER. Cause the special ones are RARE and FEW. And everyone doesn’t get a second chance. LET THE ONE YOU LOVE KNOW TODAY. RIGHT NOW!!!! ------ @ladykp I’ll honor you forever. ❤️

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