COVID-19 In-Home Antibody Testing AVAILABLE in SACRAMENTO

But it's not cheap!

May 27, 2020

Tomohiro Ohsumi / Stringer

Company DRIP HYDRATION  is offering an in home COVID-19 Antibody Test. Per their website "This rapid test can detect the presence of COVID-19 antibodies for those who have developed an immune response to the virus. However, antibody testing should not be used as a sole basis to diagnose or exclude COVID-19 infection. Please note, this test has applied for FDA review under the Emergency Use Authorization Program (EUA) but is currently not FDA-approved."

This test is going to cost you over $200 bucks and a lot of people here in Sacramento have already got tested. Per a nurse at Drip Hydration only 2 people so far have tested positive out of 600 that already tested.

If you are interested in getting this test done CLICK HERE