BEST PIZZA spots in SACTOWN according to our LISTENERS #MiaInTheMorning

October 17, 2018

Sooooo....Trip Advisor released a list of "Best Cities for Pizza" and well Sacramento didn't make the list. 

BUT...I don't believe they got it right. I'm still a little new to i need your help to come up with my own list. 

Mia went LIVE ON IG: And our listeners broke it down for us. 

1. Liberty Pizza

2. Romas - on Franklin Blvd. (we heard they have bomb pizza sandwiches)


4. Milanos on 14th

5. Luigis - Stockton Blvd

SAC-TOWN comment below and tell us where are some bomb PIZZA -- Spots In #SacTown ....A list came out today “Best Cities for Pizza” and did not include Sacramento and Mia believes they got it wrong LoL! #PizzaAnyone ? - Liberty Pizza? - Roma’s ? - Buddies ?

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