Twitter answers the question "What would Rick do?" on Game of Thrones

May 17, 2019
Andrew Lincoln, who stars as Rick Grimes

CREDIT: Paul Morigi / Stringer


By now it isn't even a question, HELLA people watch Game of Thrones

Similarly, HELLA people watch The Walking Dead too.

The question COULD be How many watch both of them? ...but it's not. The real question when it comes to Game of Thrones' last episode is What would Rick do?

(For context, Rick is the popuar hero of The Walking Dead).

Ok, so that wasn't a real question... but it was an answer that The Walking Dead twitter decided to answer.

The Walking Dead throwing shade, whaaaa?      *Daenerys is like "Hold my Starbucks."*

It actually started a whole conversation amongst fans of both series. 

More was said about this, with alot more context AND SPOILERS here.