Our Sacramento Kings Are One of 22 NBA Teams Invited To Finish The Season in Florida

June 3, 2020
Kings Dap

There hasn't been any basketball since March. There really hasn't been much of anything since March, to be honest. 

Sports, entertainment, live events - everything came to a hault due to COVID-19. And since that hasn't gone anywhere, no one really thought any of those thing were coming back anytime soon. 

And Adrian Wojnarowski so proudly Tweeted..."The NBA's back."

That's good new for all sports fans, but even better for us Kings fans, because when we last left off in March The Sacramento Kings were "in the hunt" for the play-offs. And since the NBA is kind of picking up from that point, the Kings are back in the playoff hunt. 


The plan will have 22 teams (13 Western Conference and 9 Eastern Conference) play in a virtual bubble at the Disney facilities in Orlando, Florida. The bubble being pretty much a sequestered place where players and staff have little to no interaction with others in consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 concerns. 

As it pertains to the Kings, they are one of the bottom of the picture teams fighting for the last playoff spot. The top 8 teams from each conference will be in the playoffs, as usual. So first and formeost, the Kings have to compete with the other bottom 5 teams of the Western Conference over 8 games to gain the 8th seed. 

The plan is just a proposal, but its a foregone conclusion that it will pass the vote on June 4th. For details, click here. 

A lot will have to go right, but there is still a chance. Let's go Kings.