West Coast gets hit by ANOTHER earthquake (and after shock!!!)

Seattle is the latest city hit by an earthquake, all in a week. More than coincidence?

July 12, 2019
Dan Callister / Stringer

Just when you think its safe on the West Coast, you find out there is still a whole lot of shaking going on. Early this morning a magnitude 4.6 earthquake hit Seattle. As reported by Seattle Times, which is local to the area, it happened just before 3 a.m PST and hit the Puget Sound region, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The quake originated near Three Lakes, Washington, about 9 miles east of downtown Everett, approxiamtely 14 miles beneath the surface, according to a USGS map.

A few minutes later, a second quake measuring at magnitude 3.5, was reported near Monroe, Washingon. 

Many took to social overnight and admit to waking up or sensing the earthquake, or at least acknowledging it in entertaining fashion:

CBS NEWS affiliate tweeted :

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. AND a tsunami is not expected, according to a tweet by the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center. (Well, that's good to hear. One less thing to be worried about).

ABC NEWS also confirmed as much and says the quakes are not connected to the recent activity in Southern California

The fact of the matter remains that the latest series of quakes hit as millions of people in SoCal are still trying to recover from the numerous hits from last week's fault activity near Los Angeles (two large earthquakes and more than 4,000 aftershocks will keep anyone on edge). 

On that note, just in case you have your own qualms about the the frequency of the recent earthquakes or just want to be prepared, here are some Earthquake Safety Tips you may want to look at. Safety first.