Nike and Kaepernick #JUSTDIDIT

Amidst all the controversy, Nike's 'Dream Crazy' ad wins Emmy

September 16, 2019
Justin Sullivan / Staff

Colin Kaepernick is no stranger to the spotlight, and neither is Nike. On paper it seems like a winning combination- and now, it offically is. 

As The New York Times reports, Nike's Kaepernick commercial campaign named “Dream Crazy” won outstanding commercial at the Creative Arts Emmys. It aired last year and is the first time Nike has won the award since 2002. So congrats to them for that. 

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” Which sounds great but had a lot of people at ends when it debuted. But that is just the thing with "polarizing" content; there are always two ends. 

Not to get into the politics behind the events leading up to this promo, of since the release, but I did take the liberty of posting the origianl Tweet from Kap above, and a number of different responses form credible sources and entertaining ones including; The Undisputed, The View, First Take, CNBC, INSIDE EDITION, and Comedy Central.

Sometimes polarizing wins. Remember that.