NBA Playoffs are OFF for Lakers and Clippers as they vote not to continue the season

Both of The Western Conference favorites elected to boycott the end of the season, while other teams will continue to play (as of now)

August 26, 2020
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That escalated quickly. 

It started earlier today when The Eastern Conference favorite, Milwaukee Bucks, boycotted their game and didn't even come out for warm-ups. Shortly thereafter, all of today's games were canceled - to be rescheduled once a discussion was had. That discussion amongst all players in the bubble took place this evening at 8:00 pm Eastern. The results of that meeting - DAMN. (As in WOW. Whoa. WTF. Anything you want to indicate shock value).

As reports, both Los Angeles teams, the Lakers AND the Clippers, voted to not play the remainder of the season. Which means both of the teams favored to represent the Western Conference are taking themselves out of contention. The boycott stemmed from dismay over recent social injustices, specifically the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin (where the fore mentioned Bucks play).

While I am not here to discuss the intricacies of Blake's situation, I am relaying what CBS notes; in that the conversation between the players "ended ugly." Especially since all of the others teams elected to play out the remaining games and compete for a championship, I imagine tensions were really high. Get more on the details as reported HERE.

I am not sure if the verdicts will remain the same, over night or over the next few days. Maybe the L.A.. teams change their minds. Maybe the other teams will opt out as well, after talking it over more in order to show solidarity. Time will tell. But right now it seems as though the NBA bubble just got popped in a major way. 

It is definitely a whole new game.