Nate Diaz is making UFC 241 look like its gonna be LIT

VIDEO: Local UFC star smokes a joint during open workouts before upcoming fight

August 15, 2019
Ethan Miller / Staff

There are a few things you should already know about UFC Fighter Nate Diaz:

  • He is notoriously from Stockton and represents (he even went to Tokay High School, like me).
  • He likes weed (he and his bother have had some formal reprimand from UFC in the past).
  • He gives zero F^%#$ about anything, including rules. 

With that being said, did he just light a joint and smoke it for his presser?

It appears so. Truth is he smoked some CBD oil, which you can see he knows a thing or two about. He actually has his own line of CBD called Game Up Nutrition

People were definitely reactiing; some surprised, some in awe, some just applauding the swag. What makes it funny is that Diaz was last seen smoking CBD on stage after his loss to Conor McGregor in 2016, and at that time CBD was on the United States Anti-Doping Agency banned substance list. It has since been removed and his actions are technically legal, but its seems cooler if they aren't. 

He will be making a much-anticipated return to action in UFC 241 after not fighting for the past 3 years. Diaz has no easy task ahead of him with this next fight against one the UFC's best in Anthony Petis this Saturday night, but I'm sure however the fight goes he's going to be smoking something when its all said and done.