May 22, 2019
Jeff J Mitchell

With Hella Summer about 2 months away, and I sit here eating a carnitas burrito in the middle of the night, I came to a realization. A revelation. An epiphany even. I want to get Hella Summer ready. 

What does that mean?

Well, most people try and get ready for summer by eating better and working out. Pretty much looking to achieve that Summer body - they want to look good for the Summer. So I want to look good for Hella Summer! Which means I will be eating better and I will be working out, from now until Hella Summer.

Ok, well Hella Summer is July 25th; so instead I will do a 60-day challenge on my own to be Hella Summer ready, starting May 25th. This gives me a few days to figure out the details. Even more though, I am putting it out there now and will be accountable for it. (No backing out now). I will post on probably once a week and share my progress and challenges, and more frequently on my socials. So if you want to help your boy out, or just want to follow me on this journey... add me: DJ_Squintz on IG and D.J. Squintz on FB. 

And with that being said, if you have any advice, tips, resources, anything you want to share with me just send me a message on either.

What diet should I try?  I know a few that have done keto and it worked for them. How about paleo?

What gym or workout program would be good? I really don't think I could handle crossfit or P90 anything right now.

I need to figure it out so I can start this weekend (Monday at the latest), so feel free to shoot me some info. 

But mark my words... this is happening. I am doing this. No...I am hella doing this. So let's go.