Megan Rapinoe has a wardrobe malfunction on camera at the ESPYS

[VIDEO] Its almost as if "nipple slips" are a sport now

July 11, 2019
Kevin Winter / Staff

So the ESPY Awards happened last night, but sports weren't the only thing on display. Many people noticed that Megan Rapinoe had a little something to reveal upon accepting her award for US Women's Soccer in the Best Team category. As noted by NY Post, Rapinoe's tuxedo jacket opened as she stood up from her seat - and of course, she wasn't wearing a shirt underneath (why would she?). Viewers immediately noticed that the team co-captain, who has been in the spotlight a lot recently, had a little more to shine on. 

Twitter responded (just below) and there of course is a slow-motion video breaking down her chesticle's moment in front of the camera online, which is provided below as well. (I wouldn't think nipple eposure would need a play-by-play, but there you go).