Timeout...Big Macs for A PENNY?!%

McDonalds and Door Dash are teaming up to give ONE MILLION Big Macs for a penny each

September 30, 2019
Joe Raedle / Staff

Word on the street is they are selling Big Macs for a penny each!!! (ok, not the street...its social media, but still).

Check out this tweet from Door Dash:

You know I had to look into it, and its true (ish).

Door Dash recently partnered with McDonalds and they are giving a special on Big Macs. Technically they are only chargng one cent for the sandwiches. But as often is the case, there are stipulations:

You can order through the delivery service to get the at DoorDash.com or on the app using promo code 1MBIGMAC. BUT... there are normal fees associated with using the app and its delivery service. Fees start at $2.99 and the offer is good now through October 4th and while supplies last.

Plus, when you order in this manner you get entered into a drawing for $1 Million. 

So while there is fine print, its still pretty cool. (And I haven't had a Big Mac in forever, so I just may have to partake).

For more details you can reference what I did with delish.com here or sun-sentinal.com here