Guilty Pleasure of the Day: Laughing at LeBron James

LeBron posted a workout video that is catching so much shade. See why...

August 29, 2019
Ethan Miller / Staff

Arguably, LeBron James is the biggest sports figure in the world. And in the past few months he has been popular for his Taco Tuesdays, especially on social media. 

With that being said, there is just something about laughing at a celebrity that is winning when they lose. Maybe its just me, but I like to laugh at LeBron.

And yet... turns out I am not the only one, as you can see below.

Before the Taco Tuesday viral videos, LeBron James was posting workout videos. And while some of them may have gotten a chuckle or a sigh of blasé, this one is getting full shade and even analysis on Twitter

I Can't find LeBron's original post (it likely has been taken down) but you can see the post from TheShadeRoom here.

On that note though, here are some responses to King James' form (which you can see LeBron's workout in the first one from Michael Rappaport -Warning: Explicit Language).