KSFM Artists YG and Mustard Feed the Community

They Bought 7 Restaurants and Teamed Up with Postmates to Give Back

June 22, 2020
YG and Mustard Give Back


YG and Mustard aren't exactly not used to teaming up. (Double-negative, I know, but it works).

They have plenty of songs together and those were on display last year for the dopest concert in the 916 - KSFM's HELLA SUMMER. (Oh the good ol' days).

Here they are now, teaming up for a dope cause. As TMZ reports, YG and Mustard bought 7 restaurants in Los Angeles so they could provide food to the community. Even more effectively, they teamed up with Postmates and reportedly gave out over $100k worth of food to residents and organizations in their native area. 

Oh, and they didn't just give food, they provided healthy meals, which is a plus. And if you see pictures of Mustard now, that should make a lot of sense because he looks like a completely different person; softly put, he looks like a fraction of the man he was last year, literally. For more on that story, just click HERE.

Big ups to both of them and let's see if more celebrities follow their lead.