Did the Empire star put the noose around his own neck?

June 25, 2019
Scott Dudelson / Stringer

*Oh Jamal...*

Just when you thought it was over... well, not really. You probably haven't thought of it at all, which usually means its over. Out of sight, out of mind.

Well it is back in sight (literally) and now back in mind. Which make us ask the question: Did Jussie Smollett tie his own noose?

Think about that. 

  • He could have literally tied his own noose: since the alleged perps claimed that he paid them to stage the intial crime in question. 
  • He could have figuratively tied his own noose: if such allegations are true. In which case he would have committed not only a crime but career suicide. If you recall, he was dropped from the show, Empire, following this very public situation. So that noose is representative of him strangling his own career.
  • He could have...well, he just could have. And that is why its just a question for now. The answer may be revealed in some new visual evidence. 

As CBS CHICAGO reports, there has been an update in the Jussie Smollett investigation; which includes over 70 hours of video related to the "crime."

Footage includes police body cam video clearly showing the noose around his neck that he alleged was forced on him as a hate crime. Watch the video below to see the recap CBS CHICAGO broadcasted.  

There are also several other raw videos that you can see related to the events; including footage of the accused brothers/ coherts fleeing and being aprehended, as well as video from the initial responses inside of Smollett's apartment. 

To see more details regarding the story as well as those videos, click HERE.