G-Eazy And Others Support DJ Relief

Young Gerald Donates $10k To The DJ Relief Fund - Adds Meaning To 'Support Your DJs'

May 12, 2020


As a DJ, this one hits home.

Times are obviously hard right now for everyone, but certain jobs - reliant on social interaction - are at an stand still. 

No social interaction = no events = no income for DJs.

Although I am fortunate and blessed to still have an income, despite no gigs, not all of my brethren are as lucky. 

Artist and music industry folks definitely understand and appreciate that; as evident in the recent charity of one of the most popular artists out - G-Eazy.  

As the homie DJ Oasis shares on his Instagram, the DJ Relief Fund recieved a kind donation of $10k as a major contribution to the cause. 

When @djamen3000 starts that @youngcalifornia Group text and gathers the troops, you know it’s on! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the DJs in this hard time!

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Though there are plenty of DJs that are feeling the hit of COVID-19 in their pockets and with their livelihood, it is uplifting to know that it is not unnoticed. And while this is specific to DJs, it makes me smile a bit to think this pertains to society in general : that we are able to support one another, in one way or another. 

With that being siad, you can also re-invest into the 916 directly by supporting Local Businesses through Operation Local, which you can find out more about here.

But the caption of the day, to me, is simple - G-Eazy is a real one.