Floyd Mayweather Offers to Pay for George Floyd's Funeral

Mayweather Is Using TMT (The Money Team) for Good

June 1, 2020
 Jed Jacobsohn / Staff

I'll be honest and say I am not the biggest Mayweather fan. Ok, I am not a fan at all - just from a mere boxing persepctive.

But boxing has nothing to do with this. 

I have to tip my hat and rasie my cup to Floyd Mayweather at this time, because he has offically offered to pay for the funeral services of George Floyd. And when I say services (plural), he literally is having multiple services. 

TMZ Sports reports that Mayweather is offering to pay for all 4 services for George Floyd (to be held in Houston, Minnesota, Charlotte and another location yet to be named).

Mayweather learned that the CEO of his TMT music label, Anzel Jennings, grew up with George Floyd and that he felt is was the right thing to do and Mayweather is following his heart. 

It has not been confirmed whether the offer was accepted, but I commend the offer regardless. 

In times like this its good to see people that have have means to do something actually do something.