Even celebrities eat THIS, but she ended up in the hospital from it

June 27, 2019
Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer

*OK...just a little forward thinking first and foremost:the next time someone says, "Eat this, its FIRE..." maybe you don't eat it. Just saying. (Proceed).*

Remember that time Lil Xan overdosed on Flaming Hot Cheetohs? (Yes, that really happened). Well this is a little something like that. 

Chrissy Teigen (known as co-host of Lip Sync Battle, model, and wife of John Legend) has a similar encounter. She went on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallow about how she went to the hospital from eating HOT WINGS. She exlains how she was on a web show called Hot Ones where she was given the challenge to eat increasingly hot wings while answer a series of questions. As the questions get harder, the wings get hotter. By the end of it all (7 wings in) she was done and ultimately ended up in the hospital; only to find out that her tongue was stripped!

Good thing is, she is good and can look back on it and talk about it. But I doubt she will go to that level again. There is a lot more details involving what the wings did to her, on a medical level, which you can find out about in the article HERE. 

If you want to hear the story straight from the source, her interview with Jimmy Fallon is below (The pisode of Hot Ones that caused it all is below as well).