UPDATE : Brazilian criminal found dead in cell after trying to escape by dressing up as his daughter

This guy tries to pull off one of the most creative prison escapes ever, but ends up going viral instead

August 5, 2019
Peter Macdiarmid / Staff

*****UPDATE 8.6.19****

The post and initial story broke 8.5.19 and here we are the next day with an update: Clauvino da Silva was found today, dead in his cell. As the NY POST reports, the 42-year-old da Silva, was found hanging from an apparent suicide in the Rio de Janeiro prison. This just days after his foiled attempt to break free by dressing up as his daughter. After being detained, da silva was to face 74 years in prison.


Prison guards saw Clauvino da Silva, who is serving a 73-year sentence, acting nervously as he was leaving the prison in Rio de Janeiro and stopped his escape. He attempted to look like his 19-year-old daughter and dressed in a silicone mask, long wig, glasses, jeans, and a pink T-shirt. He said the plan was to walk through the main entrance and leave his daughter in his cell. (--: Rio de Janeiro Penitentiary Administration Secretariat via AP)

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I heard a rumor earlier today... that someone in Brazil tried to pull a prison break by dressing up as their daughter who came to visit him.

Break that down a bit: his daughter came to visit and then he tried to leave dressed as her. 

No way, right? Wrong, this guy found a way and it allegedly involved a pregnant woman, a daughter willing to trade places in jail with her criminal father, and a Brazilian guy that would apparently share a similar body frame as his daughter (not a compliment). Oh yea, and the biggest fact - a pretty elaborate mask. (...like, Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible style mask) *cue the theme song.*

Before I get any further and I lose you just by reading that ridiculous premise, see the video directly below:

I'm not sure if they were showing the movie White Chicks in the prison on Movie Night Mondays and he got inspired, or if the man in question had previously worn his daughter clothes and figured it was worth a shot, but it happened. And because its such an odd story I had to find multiple sources to reference. If you want to see what others have to say, here are articles from CBS NEWS and FOX NEWS from MSN NEWS

In a Brazilian nutshell, notorious gang member Clauvino da Silva (aka "Shorty") tried to escape his penitentiary in the western Rio de Janeiro dressed as his 19-year-old daughter; wearing a pink t-shirt with a cartoon image of donuts, a black wig, silicon mask and tight jeans.  It is said that da Silva is actually on of the leaders of one of the strongest criminal organizations in Brazil, the Red Command - so one can see the humor in how his foiled escape attempt involved him dressing as someone with the opposite demeanor.Additionally, as BBC News is credited to report, this was not Silva's first escape attempt. He escaped a prison in 2013 through the jail's sewer system, only to be apprehanded later. 

Granted this attempt was a big FAIL, but it makes for an entertaining story. Furthermore, after he failed to pass off as his daughter, officials say da Silva was transferred to maximum-security and will face disciplinary anctions, plus his daughter is now looked at as an accomplice.