The Infamous Bagel Boss Guy Is Stacking Up Dates From His Rant

[VIDEO] Funny fight in a bagel shop went viral and has women overlooking his "short-comings"

July 11, 2019
Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer

If you haven't heard, there is a little video that went a lot of viral involving some bagels, "women in general," and a 5-foot tall man; hereby know as "The Infamous Bagel Boss Guy."

As the NY Post reports, the man's name is Chris Morgan, of Long Island. As Chris will tell you in his viral rant, he has had a less-than favorable history with women on dating sites. I don't want to point any short-comings of his, but apparently his height (or lack-there-of) has been an issue. Maybe even his short temper. Or should I say they had been an issue? Morgan tells NY Post that since his rant hit the internet his luck with the ladies has turned around.  “I got girls hitting on me I don’t even know,” he says.

Ironically, "the rant" everyone knows him for was about how is unfavorable interaction with "women in general" and specifically "women on dating sites." Morgan decided to vent these emotions at a Bagel Boss location and pretty much went off on anyone and everyone in the shop. Things escalated when he started calling out patrons of the bagel shop and literally welcomed them to "attack" him. Finally one guy took him up on that offer and tackled him - which was caught on video, of course. And the internet did the rest. 

The uncut video can be seen below. [WARNING: explicit language and violence].

The attention from the video even let to a feature and interview with Inside Edition and a segment on NBC New York. Both videos are attached below to provide more insight and persepctive.

My only wonder is that if what Morgan says is true, and his viral rant in the bagel shop helped him get the dates he seemingly always wanted, what could he do in a donut shop? (Dunkin Donuts beware).