Man Kept Mother's Dead Body In A Freezer For 3 Years

April 6, 2018

According to, a man from Kolkata, India was arrested after police found out that he kept his mother's body in a freezer for three years after her death just to take advantage of her monthly pension.

The forensic team found separated body parts in a giant freezer in a sealed up ground-floor room with two air-conditioners. The worst part, his 89-year old dad was living there as well and knew all about it. Although reports are saying the father is very ill, he couldn't get his story straight when police questioned him. 

Police were tipped off by neighbors. One said, "She passed away one morning and we saw a hearse arrive. But no one was asked to go to the crematorium and no one saw the body being brought back to the house. We suspected something amiss about one-and-a-half years ago, when huge air-conditioners were installed, but did not meddle in their affairs."

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