Sacramento Covid cases increasing, whats driving the increase?

June 22, 2020

So over the last several weeks we have seen not only a number of protests,rally's and marches across the city, but also much of Sacramento's economy begin to reopen such as bars, restaurants & salons. 

And with Sacramento cases begging to surge up, with over 250 new cases just over the weekend, many would be led to believe that those factors have contributed to the massive spike, however, tracing efforts are finding that most of the new cases are from family gatherings inside homes for events such as birthday parties, graduations & funerals.  Despite segments of the economy beginning to reopen, health officials have continued to push the importance of social distancing and guidelines calling for gatherings to be outdoors where social distancing can better be followed.  

The positive news is despite the rise in #s over the weekend, we had no new deaths which is a trend we all hope continues.