Whats Vegas like during Covid? Big Mic finds out

July 20, 2020

During these last several months I have been all about staying at home as much as possible and socially distancing and wearing my mask as requested to the constantly adjusted guidelines from our government.  Last week was my mom's birthday and she decided she was going to Las Vegas and I made the decision to go surprise her.  I talk all about it in the video above, and here is some views in what it looked like out there:

So first off the flight, shout out Southwest for keeping the middle seat open and requiring masks.  Fortunately I had nobody in my entire row so that was great.  

Big Mic flying on a plane with a mask on

The Las Vegas Strip!  EMPTY!  Crazy seeing a typically packed and busy street both with cars and pedestrian traffic be so empty on a Friday afternoon during what would typically be rush hour traffic

Was so crazy seeing almost no cars on the strip and nobody walking around. #vegas #lasvegas #thestrip #ghosttown

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Ohhh the Las Vegas Buffet, a staple of the Las Vegas experience, but almost all of them are currently shut down, definitely was saddening lol 

I kinda wanna cry lol

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Nothing more patriotic right now than wearing a mask....ask Lady Liberty!  WEAR YOUR MASK

Lady Liberty knows what's up #MaskOn

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Great work by the MGM properties requiring face masks be in use inside their casinos.  I was staying at New York, New York and was pleased to find a bag with a couple extra masks, hand sanitizer and even a stylus so that I didnt even have to touch the slot machines when I gambled

I missed New York & I missed Vegas.. So.. Yeah... And the complimentary hand sanitizer, extra face mask, and stylus for gambling ----

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Like I said, went out there to surprise my mom for her birthday so had to take her to a steakhouse, and of course I had to get a ribeye in my life!  SOOOOO GOOD at Gallaghers

Sometimes you gotta fly to Vegas to get your mom a birthday dinner...

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A lil shot of some of Vegas at night...me explaining why I decided to go to Vegas on my IG (FOLLOW ME haha)

Viva Las Vegasssss

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