Twitter's CEO to donate $1 BILLION to coronavirus relief

April 7, 2020
Jack Dorsey

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Well damn...we've seen some pretty generous donations in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic such as Oprah Winfrey's $10 Million and Jeff Bezos (The richest man in the world) donation of $100 Million.... but now the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has eclipsed all of them by announcing, on Twitter of course, his plan to donate $1 BILLION (that's 10 digits!) to battle COVID-19 around the world.  And not only that but he is providing a public form so people can track where the money is going.  These are tough and trying times and good to see those with the means to help do so.  Oh and if you're worried if that $1 Billion will knock Jack out, apparently its only 28% of his wealth, so he'll be okay lol.