Sacramento's Red Light Cameras Off!?

August 6, 2019



Sooooo have you found yourself driving around Sacramento and next thing you know BOOM, you just accidentally went through a red light and saw one of those red light cameras and thought "damn it, I'm definitely getting a ticket!"  Well, turns out you probably won't because apparently, according to a Fox 40 report, the red light cameras in Sacramento have been deactivated since January!  

The cameras are still there, but apparently contract negotiations between a 3rd party didnt work out, so for now they are not on.  Obviously, anyone with common sense should know, you see a yellow light or red light, STOP, whether there is a camera or not.... but for now, those who might have made a mistake over the last few months, their wallet will be safe.  And also keep in mind, just because there isnt a camera, doesnt mean there wont be a cop around the corner who will catch you if you run the light.