Sacramento ranks in Top 10 rent increases in the country , we know, shocker! lol

October 21, 2020

We know you will all be shocked to hear that Sacramento ranks in the top 10 of rent increases in the country (insert HELLA sarcasm here).   A year ago almost nobody would have guesses that San Francisco's rent would have one of the biggest decreases while Sacramento would have one of the biggest increases but here we are as the effects of Coronavirus have hit traditionally more expensive metro areas, especially those that are in tech hubs where remote working has thrived during the pandemic.  

The report from REALTOR.COM shows San Francisco having the largest year over year percent decrease at -31% to a medium rent of $2285 for a studio apartment, and Sacramento ranking #6 for the biggest increase of +16.2% to a medium rent of $1400 for a studio apartment.  For 1 bedrooms SF is #1 again and for Sacramento we are in the Top 5!  

Ugh.  Well, while we feel depressed about our high rent, lets enjoy a picture of a $12.950M 5 bedroom home that we will all probably never be able to afford either haha.  

Imagine the holidays in this home -- - This five-bedroom home is equipped with a game room, movie theater, golf simulator, and more! Head to the link in our bio and tap on this post image for more details. - Listed by Tyler Richardson with @bhhsutah for $12.950M.

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