Sacramento ranked one of the worst cities for dating

February 11, 2019

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Well damn....if you were feeling bad about not having a Valentine this year, dont feel too bad because apparently dating sucks in Sacramento! 

In fact a new survey from Apartment List says that for millenials (aged 23-38) Sacramento is the 2nd worst place for dating with Riverside being the worst.  If youre not in that dreaded Millenial age range, Sacramento is a little better where we rank as the 11th worst city.  

Some (sort of) good news is that not too far away in good ol San Francisco its ranked the 3rd best city, so if you dont mind a 2 hour drive and probably one expensive date, you just might find love! lol 

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Oh, and if thats not bad enough, dont forget a year ago the story of people getting robbed while using dating apps!!!