Gov. Newsom's Project Roomkey opened 3 homeless shelters in Sacramento

May 29, 2020
Homeless Tents


Earlier today Governor Newsom highlighted the progress California made with his Project Roomkey initiative to help find temporary shelters for the states homeless population during the coronavirus pandemic, and here in Sacramento the county actually converted 3 motels into temporary shelters around the area including Rancho Cordova, Discovery Park, and in the Woodlake community according to the Sacramento Bee. 

This week over 400 people were staying in the rooms and while the shelters in Sacramento are likely to only be temporary (other California leases across the country have the option to be purchased for long term needs) the county hopes to find options for those who are currently staying in the shelters for the longer term.  

There have been other measures in place as well to help our homeless population including  these Sprung shelters for homeless women that should be opening in June: