Sacramento mostly spent CARES money on Sheriff's payroll

August 10, 2020
Tower Bridge


When Congress passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) and President Trump signed it on March 27th, 2020, the $2 Trillion economic relief package was supposed ot help both the citizens of this country as well as cities as the country battled the coronavirus pandemic.  

Now has time has gone on, we are beginning to find out how many counties decided to spend that money that was to fund necessary programs and expenses to battle Covid. And here in Sacramento, you may be surprised where exactly that money was spent.  

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that of the $181 Million that Sacramento received from the Cares Act, Sacramento allocated funds to the following:

  • $104 Million to the Sheriff's Office's salaries and benefits (almost 70% of the funds already spent)
  • $21.5 Million to payroll and benefits of probation officers
  • $1.8 Million to payroll and benefits of park rangers
  • $4 million to PPE (masks & hand sanitizer)  
  • And contact tracing efforts?  Less than $10,000.  

Where counties such as Los Angeles used portions of their CARES funding for programs like its $103 million renter relief programs, Sacramento County executive Nav Gill who is allocating the funds, said that Sacramento probably isnt considering such relief programs for its residents.  

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