Passengers tell Yung Joc he "fell off" driving for rideshare company

January 13, 2020
Young Joc

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So a video going around seems to show rapper Yung Joc driving a ride share car in Atlanta and the passengers tellin him if he "fell off."  Rather than fire back in a negative way, the rapper known for "It's Goin Down"  told them that it was an easy way to make money and meet people.  The passenger then continued to dig in and quite frankly anyone who want to talk down about someone trying to make a living should just be kicked off social media from the jump.  Salute to Joc making his money how he can, and to anyone who is driving for a rideshare company to make ends meet.  

The Rideshare company Joc is driving for is called "PullUp" which he then hit social media to pump up leaving some to wonder if the video was just a viral marketing campaign on his part. but either way, get that money Joc!  

TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #TSRExclusiveDetails: A video of #YungJoc driving for a ride share app similar to #Uber and #Lyft is circulating online and we have obtained unreleased clips of the full video. _____________________________________ In the video which took place on Thursday morning in Atlanta, you can hear the passengers telling the driver that he looked and sounded familiar, and that’s because the driver was #YungJoc. One of the passengers, J’Koni, goes on to ask #Joc why he’s driving for the app #pugorides, and proceeds to tell him that he “fell off”. _____________________________________ Joc responds by saying that it’s an easy way to get some easy money, adding that he gets to meet a lot of people from doing so too. _____________________________________ The passenger, J’Koni, exclusively tells us this about his “fell off” comment to Joc: “He actually didn’t react how I thought he would he just basically was telling me thats my problem if I feel he fell off for having multiple streams of income.” _____________________________________ We’re definitely here for any black man doing what he needs to do to continue making money. --: @iamjkonired

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Anybody need a ride to @boogalouatl today for #alluresundays-- ???? I know they gonna hate but somebody wanna get wasted and get to their next destination safe & sound. Download the app and I just might #pullupngo @pugorides

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