Post Malone chows down after frightening plane landing

August 22, 2018

As many of you should know by now, yesterday Post Malone faced a scary situation when his plane blew two of its tires and then had to make an emergency landing with those blown tires.  Post was already not a fan of flying and Im sure this is definitely not going to be doing any favors in that department, but he lived, and he very well planned on celebrating right....with PIZZA AND BEER! lol 

The Blast says that Post and his crew hit up a Jersey pizza spot and order 2 dozen wings, 2 Italian combo sandwiches, 6 pizzas and two 12 packs of beer.  And it seems his luck on surviving the flight carried on to his food order because they supposedly only charged Post for the pizzas!!! Hurray to free wings and sandwiches!!