Havent gotten Popeye's new Chicken Sandwich? May not be able to now

August 27, 2019

© Trevor Mitchell/Argus Leader, Sioux Falls Argus Leader via Imagn Content Services, LLC


So if you were thinking to yourself "I really want to try Popeye's new Chicken Sandwich, but I'll wait till all the crazy lines end" well turns out you may not be in luck because turns out that Popeye's might actually run out of its viral sandwich by the end of the week!   Apparently Popeyes planned on its sandwich being around through the end of September, but then social media and fanatical chicken freaks took over and pushed their inventory to the limits and after this week may not be around.   After a non stop barrage of social media buzz which has been estimated to be worth over $23 Million dollars in advertising value, long lines, fights, and stressed out chicken fans have been blasted all over the news as people tried to get in on the action.   Well it seems like Popeyes is not only cashing in on the craze at the stores in its chicken sandwich battle vs Chick-Fil-A but now that its sold out they are trying to cash in on downloads of its app by telling people if they want to know when its back to download their app.   We see you Popeyes.....we see you!  lol