NASCAR to ban confederate flag from events

June 10, 2020

Ever since the murder of George Floyd, people around the country and around the world have been protesting and speaking out about the larger issue of racism and injustice that exists in this world, and the impact of those protests are hitting not only in policing policies and business practices, but also in the world of sports.  Following a statement from the NFL saying they were wrong in not listening to past protests, now NASCAR is announcing that they will not be allowing the Confederate Flag to be flown at their events.  

It has been over 140 years since the Confederacy, a group of 7 slave owning states, was beat in the Civil War because they felt slave ownership was their right.  Despite them being beat, the flag has lived on, especially in the deep South, and flown proudly despite its obvious racist history.  The flag was not officially used by NASCAR, but was often found flying or being worn by attendees of their events.

Below you can see NASCAR's statement.