LowBrau raises Big Mic's brows with its Burger

August 28, 2018

Oh the joy of a burger....its one of those things that is very hard to be done wrong (but ohhhh trust me it can be done terribly wrong) but when its done right....it can just change the very course of your day.  Often I will head to a restaurant for a very specific food item, and honestly prior to me eating at LowBrau, during my visits during their Motown Monday's with DJ Billy Lane from our sister station The End (WHATS UP BILLY)  I kept hearing I need to try some of their sausage options... but once I got here, one of the people I was eating lunch with said I had to try their burger, so try their burger I did.  Well....damn son.  I ordered the LB burger and decided to add bacon and when this beautiful gorgeous sandwich made its way to me and I could see the bacon hanging way outside of the burger, as opposed to barely filling the bun, I knew I was in for a treat.  Plus Ive never cared too much for pretzel buns, but this thing was so soft and delicious that it paired perfectly with the very awesome house ground beef and spicy sauce.   And ohhhhh dont let me forget those duck fat fries.  I officially think that duck fat fries should be apart of everyones daily routine...cardiologists may disagree, but I dont care!   So my graduation from only going to LowBrau for alcoholic reasons into a dining experience was truly a great one, and Im definitely going to have to go back and try some of the Spicy Andouille Sausage & get some more of those duck fat fries in my life!  

Oh lawd... This burger though... And duck fat fries? Mmmmm

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