August 29, 2019

Getty Images-Scukrov


Footlong hot dogs!  Burgers!  Brats! Nachos! Ohhhhh the joy of going to a football game and trying all of the different options!  Have you ever thoughr to yourself "I wish I could travel all over the country and try them all"  Well turns out the sports betting site Pickswise wants to pick one lucky NFL fan to have the spot as a NFL Food Tester.  

This is really less a job opening and more of a contest to win the job, but if youre someone who wants to go to games across the country and eat some of the stadiums best dishes and then rate them all to pick which is number one (oh and win $500) then its well worth entering! 

If you want a shot at winning this position:  Click here for info at Pickswise