How Tyler The Creator beat DJ Khaled to #1

May 30, 2019

So DJ Khaled dropped a pretty massive album last week in "Father of Asahd" with a massive amount of features and anthems to boot, but when it all came to an end, it was Tyler, The Creator who hit #1 in the first week with his his album "Igor" despite having fewer  Lets explain. 

So despite Khaled having 123.2 million streams, and Tyler only having 122.9 million...through the crazy math that they use to dictate #'s, Tyler sold 74,000 albums that were packaged with merchandise such as shirts, stickers and lawn signs, while Khaled only sold 34,000 which were bundled with bottles of Energy drinks which put the tally of "equivalent albums at 165,000 for Tyler, and 136,000 for Khaled....thus scoring Tyler the #1 album!   Either way, congrats to both artists on a big week!