My gym opens today! Can you be safe at the gym during coronavirus?

June 16, 2020

So after 3 long months, my gym is finallllllly opening back up today.  During the stay at home order I did my best trying to get out and get some hikes in, even drove all the way to Stockton to get some resistance bands, but damn it, there is nothing like going to the gym to get a good work out in (for me anyway)  

Obviously, COVID-19 has not gone away, in fact, in some counties the cases are beginning to rise as businesses open up, so my question is, if I decide to go to the gym, can I be safe?  

Many doctors have pointed out that a gym wont be able to eliminate all risks for the spread of coronavirus, so a lot of it will be up to you.  Yes, on top of working out, you have to do your part!    How so?  Heres a few tips:

*Wash your hands after using any equipment.  You can't control if the person before you washed their hands or not, but you can definitely wash yours and hopefully eliminated any exposure if there was any.

*Bring your own disinfectant and let it sit on the equipment for a minute to do its job.  Not all gym wipes or spray may be strong enough to properly disinfect.  

*Wipe your equipment when done.  Just like you hope the person before you washed the equipment, do your part and help stop the spread!  

*Try and make sure there are at least 6 feet of distance from you and anyone else, especially on cardio equipment where droplets may be spreading more frequently.

*Wear a mask when you can.  During work out its may not be possible, but while entering and exiting the facility, and when traveling between equipment and other areas.  

Here are some more info for ya!