Gyms are open, you been going? Big Mic shares first week experience

June 24, 2020

So now that its been a week since my gym first opened I gotta say.... DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE AT THE GYM (something I never thought I'd say LOL)  Good to see my gym (Planet Fitness) partaking in "Social Fitnessing" and keeping space between all of the cardio equipment and having a lot of hand sanitizer and cleaning spray available to clean up the equipment.  You can definitely tell some people have no sense and get all in your work out area, but just gotta be smart and walk away (or give them that "WTF are you doing" look... I like doing that)    Hoping everyone stays on top of their social distancing (and fitnessing), wearing their masks and keep going in the right direction.   

Damn... Working out before work definitely feels better than after... I need to try and wake up earlier more often lol #gym #planetfitness #Sacramento #wednesdayworkout

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Not gonna lie.... Felt good to finally get a good gym session in after 3 months...time to take these endorphins into the office and get the day moving

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