FaceApp app created by Russians, and they can sell your face!

July 17, 2019



Soooooo, everybody's social media feeds have become a senior citizen home as people have been using the app "FaceApp" to see what their faces would look like using artificial intelligence to add a couple decades to their face.  But being that its 2019, privacy concerns quickly arised, and as people dug in a little deeper, some interesting things have popped up.  First off being that its a Russian company, and lets face it, we dont quite trust the Russians right now.  And secondly, right in their privacy policy which they havent updated in years, it says that they may share user content and information to businesses.   Most people download apps without much worry about privacy concerns or companies having access to their contacts and photos, but as more and more agencies are making use of facial recognition, giving them access to a nice big selfie might trouble some people (and who wants Putin having all of our selfies on his computer).  


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