Despite COVID case increases, Sacramento to open more businesses Friday

June 9, 2020

Although COVID-19 hospitalizations have quadrupled from just 8 people May 27th to now 33, Sacramento County plans to move forward and allow businesses such as bars and movie theaters to reopen beginning Friday.  Most of the cases have been traced to private gatherings of family and friends inside homes despite the fact that guidelines have called for only outdoor gatherings and that social distancing is followed.   

If cases continue to rise, there is a chance that some segments of the economy will be forced to close again, but to help prevent that, Sacramento has hired 24 "navigators" who will work with business across the county to implement safety measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.  

This definitely serves a reminder that coronavirus is still around, and while it may be tempting to go to birthday parties or family gatherings, doing so with no social distancing can not only be detrimental to your own health, but to those of everyone you come in contact with afterwards.