Bank accidentally puts $120,000 in account, couple spends it

September 9, 2019

Getty- Victorburnside


For many of us, hitting the "account balances" button on an ATM can be downright stressful... but imagine if you walked up to an atm, hit the "account balances" button and found an extra $120,000 in your account!  What would you do!?  Well, one couple decided against notifying the bank of the mishap, and instead decided to go on a shopping spree which included buying an SUV, a camper, two four wheelers and a car trailer (oh, and they were feeling charitable and said they gave $15,000 to friends)   If you were thinking to yourself you'd probably do the same thing, well turns out its quite illegal, and pretty easy for them to figure out what happened, and now the couple is being charged with felony theft and also facing overdraft fee's of around $107,000!  Well damn!  For the full story from CNN:  Click Here