The coolest you should keep your house is what?

August 20, 2019


Categories: many of us here in Sacrament sit through several 100+ degree days during the Summer, apparently these guys in Washington DC in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, or GTFOH here for short, decided to put out a recommendation that the temperature we should keep our homes at is 78 degrees.    Not only that, they say when we go to sleep it should be set at 82 (ummm, do they not know some of us like sleeping in an icy chamber at night?) and that when you're away from the house you should leave it at 85 degrees (okay, we definitely cool with that, don't want our electric bill to be crazy nuts)   But c'mon now... 78 degrees though?  Apparently for every degree you raise the set temperature, you'll decrease 3% on your utility bill. vs comfort lol 

UPDATE:  Apparently the EPA is saying that there is a misunderstanding on this and you can read about that by CLICKING HERE