California's restaurants get new guidelines for reopening

May 12, 2020

Getty - Natalie_magic

While last week California saw some restrictions relaxed for some business categories across the state, today Governor Newsom announced new guidelines for dine-in restaurants, brewpubs, craft distilleries, breweries, bars, pubs and wineries.  The guidelines include physical distancing guidelines, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and individual control measures and screening.  Some restaurant considerations include:

* Display a set of clearly visible rules for customers and restaurant personnel at the restaurant entrance(s) that are to be a condition of entry. The rules could include instructions to use hand sanitizer, maintain physical distance from other customers, avoid unnecessary touching of restaurant surfaces, contact information for the local health department, and changes to restaurant services. Whenever possible, the rules should be available digitally, include pictograms, and included on/with menus.

• Guests and visitors should be screened for symptoms upon arrival, asked to use hand sanitizer, and to bring and wear a face covering when not eating or drinking. Appropriate signage should also be prominently displayed outlining proper face covering usage and current physical distancing practices in use at all entrances and throughout the property.

• Licensed restaurants may sell “to-go” alcoholic beverages, prepared drinks, and pre-mixed cocktails provided they are sold and delivered to customers in conjunction with the sale and delivery of a meal/meals.

To see the extensive list, click here