Big Mic's Food Review: The Pizza Press

November 14, 2019

So was driving around over in Natomas trying to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner the other day and saw a brand new spot called The Pizza Press and the idea of some pizza made me happy so made my way in.  Upon entry I immediately realized this wasn't a sit down and order pizza spot, but one where you go to the counter and they prepare it in front of you for quick delivery.  Typically this kind of Chipotle model for pizza I get worried about but decided to give it a try and got a build your own pizza with spicy red sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage & tomato.  I liked the option to make it however you want without charging for each single topping, however not knowing what cheeses to get had me worried, but I went for the mozzarella.  After a couple minutes in the oven grabbed my pie and sat down and bit into the first "burning the roof of my mouth" bite (because if you don't burn the roof of your mouth when eating pizza you're not doing it right) and I'm glad to say I was not disappointed one bit!  The size of the pizza was perfect for a personal pizza even with my big appetite!  The sauce was delicious and loved the huge pepperoni's and italian sausage.   The place also had a bunch of craft beer options which if you're a craft beer person I'm sure will add to the fun (I just had a Diet Dr Pepper lol)  But there are several around the city so go "Press" your luck at the Pizza Press and try it for yourself!  

1st time at @thepizzapress spicy red sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage & tomato.. For it being made in a matter of minutes it had great flavor and great heat... Not mad! #digestedalbum #sacramentofoodie #sacramento #pizza

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