Big Mic's Jay-Z & Beyonce On The Run II experience

October 1, 2018

So Saturday night I got an opportunity to head down Levi's Stadium to check out Jay-Z and Beyonce's On The Run II Tour!  I had previously seen Jay-Z and Beyonce in their own solo shows, so was definitely interested to see how the show would be set up.  So packed up in the ride with the bro Carlos and started driving down...hit the typicaly traffic when heading down to the Bay and made it down to the venue and got our very first "W" of the day when we pulled into a parking lot that I guess was $40, I told the lady I just had a $20 she said thats fine and let us stay.... SCORE!  So the lot was a good distance away so we started walking over, all of a sudden we see a group of people and a bus pulls up, we ask if we can get in, they say "Sure" and BOOM "W" #2 the bus takes us right to the entrance and theres no line!  

We make our way up the escalator and its just as DJ Khaled is hitting the stage and since this was right at 8pm its pretty obvious the show started earlier than listed but that was fine... Khaled came out, did his typical Khaled deal, and announced he had some special guests!  Now I had seen in Los Angeles he brought out Nipsey Hussle, Big Sean & Busta Rhymes among others, so was pretty hyped..... we got Loverance, Jonn Hart & Naughty By Nature.  But honestly everyone was at this show for Jay-Z and Beyonce so it was just extra icing on the cake.   

Almost got my first "L" though because we went up to grab some drinks and on the way back I realized I didnt have my ticket on me.  Even though the usher saw me come up, he was not letting me back down...the homie ran down to our seats and thaaaank god my ticket was on the floor and I was able to get back down!  "W" #3!!! 

Was now showtime!  Three massive screens combined into one presents an intro the likes of a major motion picture film and out came Jay-Z & Beyonce and for the next 90+ minutes we got hit after hit after hit!  Obviously with so many hits between the two it would be hard to fit in all of them, so there were definitely some songs I was missing but they did pretty good at picking the best between the two individually and collectively.  The set up was nuts, with a several stories tall set up that had dancers, an orchestra and crazy visuals from start to finish!   When they turned on the lights and Jay did "Paris" the site was pretty nuts (Video below)   All in all, awesome show!  Check out some of the action below! 


-------- #OTRII

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Ball so hard

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Oh snap! Full orchestra popped up

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