Big Mic was missing Hawaii so hits up Ono Hawaiian BBQ for his next review

September 11, 2019

So last month I decided to take a long needed vacation and made a trip over the ocean over to Hawaii.  There I got some rest, got some rays, and got a LOT of FOOD.  For example this amazing dish from Rainbow Drive Inn:

This been the meal & restaurant I've been waiting for! Mixed combo & moco Loco bowl!

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But then as time went on after returning from Hawaii, my taste buds were missing the cuisine and fortunately I was in luck because an Ono Hawaiian BBQ had opened up nearby.  So I headed on over and got me the Island Fire Chicken and Kalua Pork (typically I try the Chicken Katsu & teriyaki chicken which are both great)!    The similarities to L&L Hawaiian BBQ will obviously pop up because there are definitely a lot of similar menu items and Ono came around after L&L, BUT I had an Ono up the street and thats what I got! lol  And definitely love the flavor of the Island Fire Chicken, though it is farrrr from super spicy, and the Kalua Pork was tender and packed with flavor.  Don't hate, but I'm just not a big Macaroni salad guy so I was happy to go with the Aloha Plate that comes with rice and salad!    Dont forget to try a fresh young coconut for a refreshing beverage or a few Spam masubi to load up the dish!   I will say one thing that sucks is that they do not have my favorite Loco Moco dish there!  Definitely a glaring omission from the menu, but fortunately they rest of the plates will keep my taste buds happy.

Been missing Hawaii... So closing my eyes and imagining the waves at @onohawaiianbbq.... #digestedalbum

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