Big Mic heads "South" for a bucket of chicken

August 16, 2018

So since I'm still fairly new to Sacramento, I find myself often asking opinions from new people I meet of restaurants I should hit up, and recently I bumped into a nice lovely lady at the club that I found the courage to ask out to dinner, and we began talking about restaurants and I mentioned one that had chicken and waffles and she said "Oh, have you been to South" and I was like, umm ... no I have not"...and then it was settled that we were going to go to South.  

South is a small restaurant, and in fact you must order your food before you are allowed to take a table, so unfortunately I had to hold on to my Old Fashioned I ordered and wait till my date arrived and as I stood there looking at the menu, I instantly saw "Bucket O Peteys Fried Chicken" ..and the first thing I thought was "damn...I really want to get a bucket of fried chicken"  but being as this was the first time having dinner with my guest, I didnt know how comfortable Id be just demolishing chicken, but once she arrived, and had a look at a menu she asked "do you just want to get a bucket of chicken" and its safe to say I instantly fell in love...well...okay...maybe not yet, but damn she earned hella brownie points.

So as we sat and waited, you could just smell the odors of fried chicken in the air and I was salivating instantly, and eventually the bucket of chicken (and the mac n cheese and kale greens we ordered) arrived and very quickly I realized that these 9 pieces of chicken didnt stand a chance!  Perfectly crispy on the outside, hot and juicy inside...piece by piece our plates became graveyard of chicken bones.  And the Mac N Cheese and Kale greens didnt fair any better.   Then, as if I wasnt already crushing on my dinner date for volunteering the bucket of chicken, she said...didnt ask..but said that we are getting dessert....well...damn lets go!

Thats when the banana pudding and Mississippi Mud Pie came out and yeah...basically guaranteed that I was gaining 2 or 3 pounds by the end of the dinner.   So yeah, this has definitely hit the top of one of my favorite fried chicken spots in Sacramento, but Ive only been to a few, so if you have any reccomendations of chicken spots, or restaurants in general I need to hit up, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @Bigmicradio 



Something awesome about someone saying "let's get a bucket of chicken" when I was thinking in my head "I really want a bucket of chicken". Lolol great food and company

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Well... Apparently dessert is happening #AlwaysRoomForDessert #masonjarlife #Stuffed

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