Big Mic tries Sandra Dees BBQ for the 1st time

August 7, 2018

SOOOOO let me start by saying this...I just moved to Sacramento 2 months Im still brand new to the city, trying to find all of awesome food spots that I need to hit, so many places that I may review are pretty much "duh's!" to Sacramento natives..but Im new here just finding my way around LOL so on that note...heres my experience at Sandra Dees!

So Ive asked pretty much anyone who I bump into when we are talking about food "WHERE IS THE GOOD BBQ IN SACRAMENTO"  and almost universally Sandra Dees is the name that came up.  So finally after 2 months, and stupidly trying other places first, I made my way over to 15th and F Street (which they say is for Fabulous Food) and just walking up to the brick building I could SMELL that I was about to experience something special.  Sitting down looking all of the different options it was a struggle deciding what I want, but for BBQ I always go for spicy, so I ordered their 2 meat combo with hot beef link and their rib tips and the fries and mac n cheese as sides.  Now with BBQ, I get a little worried when the meat is just smothered in bbq because then it takes on the flavor of the sauce, and if the sauce isnt good, well then ya screwed.  But damn it, this sauce was on point making every single bite of the rib tips and hot link even better than their original flavor (and trust me, those hot links were awesome!)   Plus the fries were cooked to perfection and the mac n cheese...well damn...Im getting hungry again just thinkin about it!    And not only is the food worth talking about...BUT THE PRICE!  I have been to BBQ spots here in Sacramento charging $20+ for meals that are the same size (if not smaller) and nowhere near the quality of flavor as Sandra Dee's but the vast majority of menu items are $15 or under (but yeah if you want a 3 meat combo, it might be a tad more haha)

So safe to say I will DEFINITELY be heading back to Sandra Dees, because I definitely need to try the Fried Wing thing or some catfish because those looked bomb!    

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Finallllly got to try Sandra Dee's today and damn im glad I did... Rib tips, spicy link, Mac n cheese & fries. Was worried there wasn't good BBQ in Sac but this place proved otherwise!

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